Ghetto Dino


Ghetto Dino is a drone racer whose future seems to be set out. Yet he faces one difficult decision; Will he choose for the stability that his work has to offer or will he go for his true passion?


Director: Jack Westerlaken 

Production: Studio New West

Research: Lennaert Rooijakkers 

Camera: Edward van Dongen & Yorick Leusink

Edit: Yorick Leusink & Jack Westerlaken

Soundmix: Henk-Jelle de Groot / Any colour 

Music: Ookean

Grading: Qianwei / Captcha!

Drone operator: Vince Irie

Credit Design: Niels Lockhorst

Production Assistent: Bastiaan de Haas 

Faye van de Vorst

Lars Lopulalan